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How are We different from others?

Comfortable Yatra

Peaceful & comfortable yatra, clean guest house, and delicious prasadam perfectly planned for a spiritual vacation

Personalized Experience

We travel in small groups to personalize your experience. We take care of senior citizens to give them the best experience

Diligently Planned

We plan your schedule diligently. Our team explores the spiritual destinations in advance which help us to plan minute details of the tour

Learn on Yatras

Knowledge based yatras & immersive narrations of the guides make you learn a lot about the spiritual destination

Our Expert Team

Trained & multi-lingual guides & operation experts led by a yatra director - at your service during the Yatra

Our Cause

We exist to preserve our glorious culture. We are the only tourist company to operate for this noble cause

This is what our yatris are saying!

  • I would only describe Ahobilam Yatra as wonderful. The guidance and explanation about each temple was wonderful.

    N G Krishnamurthy
    Office Administration
  • It is really amazing to see your commitment and involvement in running the Tirtha Yatra. Your indomitable will to keep the show running and managing the two nearly physically unfit members of the group all the way despite your own physical pain and agony is a great commendable job. May be Lord has bestowed you that strength and we are very fortunate to have your large heart. We are very happy and shall look forward to associate with Tirtha Yatra in future.

    Umesh Prabhu
    Retired Senior Executive
  • Our Yatra director was very cooperative. The short sessions at every temple were very educative. Agrani Krishna Dasa is a very dedicated person. Overall it was a memorable experience.

    Anuradha G
    Customer Service Officer
    Canara Bank
  • Wonderful is the only word I get in mind for Tirtha Yatra. Yatra Director catered to every pilgrim - from making everyone comfortable, the food, travel and the commentary - everything was great. Released itinerary was well-maintained and the utmost comfort of yatris was kept in mind while planning. Sthala Purana of each place was nicely explained. The team was expert in planning the food menu. Thanks to Lord for giving an opportunity to associate with such a great Yatra team. I look forward to many more yatras by Tirtha Yatra team.

    Sridhar Venugopal
    CISCO Inc
  • It was a well-planned yatra. Without the team of Tirtha Yatra, my visit to nine temples in Ahobilam would not have happened. Such was the motivation and encouragement given to make the tough / tiresome journey to Pavana Narasimha temple, easy for me. Otherwise I would have easily backed out. Accommodation was good, the best we could get in such a place. Overall the Yatra was very good.

    Mini Vijayakumar
  • Overall it was a very good experience. Truly we are all blessed by Lord Krishna. It was not just a trip but a pilgrimage tour with only visit to temples. I learnt lot of things and gathered lot of information about Dwarka and Lord Krishna’s pastimes. Until now we would see Dwarka and Somnath in TV and magazines but when I saw with my eyes, I felt very happy. Thank you Tirtha Yatra for giving us an opportunity to visit these places. I look forward to attend such tours in future

    Satheesha A
    Software Engineer
    TE Connectivity
  • This was my first experience of such a holy place like Ahobilam. The trekking experience to the temples of Lord Narasimha was very pleasant. The travel was comfortable. I enjoyed a lot and received the blessings of Lord Narasimha.

    Vasantha Kumari
  • The yatra was simply awesome and has left me craving for more yatras. It was the most blissful divine experience ever. It was neatly planned; daily schedule with sumptuous and tasty prasadam. This yatra has brought me closer to Lord Krishna. Overall the yatra was absolutely wonderful and amazing which was accompanied with kirtanas, satsang and pastime renditions.

    Varsha Ramanna
    Senior Engineer
  • This being my first Tirtha Yatra as a group tour, was a very pleasurable and enjoyable experience. Our Yatra director Agrani Krishna Dasa kept the morale of the yatris in a good humor. Three cheers! Keep up the good work!

    Mala Jayasimha
  • It was a very good experience. I am very happy to see the places with detailed explanations. Getting maha-prasadam is the luckiest thing. Experiencing local fruits, sweets and food was awesome. Devotees’ association was superb. Thank you very much for grouping devotees to relish good times of their life and to make their dream come true.

  • Throughout the Ahobilam Yatra I felt spiritual influence through the Yatra director. The co-pilgrims were all like-minded. I had a very thrilling and superb experience. The Yatra was splendid. Travel was very comfortable.

    K V Venkatesh
    Aditya Electricals
  • Your effort in organizing this yatra is really appreciable. We are happy that we visited these holy places and learnt about them. It is good to see that the young team members of Tirtha Yatra are spreading awareness about the greatness of religious places in India and the Indian culture itself. This is the ultimate goal of life. Satsanga was very enlightening and the Khichdi prasadam was delicious. A great yatra for a great price.

    Murli Krishna Pattaje
  • This is the first time I went on a Tirtha Yatra. It was a very wonderful experience of the holy place Ahobilam.

    M N Prasad
    Harsha Agencies
  • The Ahobilam Yatra was marvelous.
  • It was a wonderful Yatra. I am looking forward for such more yatras with the team of Tirtha Yatra.

    Senior Consultant
    Price Water House Coopers
  • The Ahobilam Yatra was very nice.
    Vijayakumar G
    Finance Manager
  • This Yatra was my first pilgrimage experience. I couldn’t have asked for better excellent arrangements and a guide.

    Supria Chandra
  • Overall I had a memorable and excellent experience in the company of humble and co-operative Yatra director Agrani Krishna Dasa. The Ahobilam Yatra was very well planned and executed. Arrangements were awesome. Definitely it was planned by the experienced team of Tirtha Yatra.

    Srinivas Prasad R S
    Bharat Electrochem